UX Strategist


Bukwild exists to create healthy business with healthy human beings. We want it all. We believe you can deliver world-class craft from team members who are supported, honored and encouraged to find the right balance of work life and real life within the same continuum. And we believe you can do that for businesses who strive to create a healthier world.

What we do

Bukwild delivers world-class digital CX for DTC and brand initiatives.

Right-fit Team Members

We’re looking for team members who share our values for craft and balance. As well as an affinity for a healthy lifestyle and for the brands that promote it.

Bukwild is a boutique studio comprised of hands-on experts. The right-fit team members are as comfortable with collaboration as they are with taking the bull by the horns. We’re looking for equal parts humility and skill.

How we work together

We realize that there is a high bar to delivering on a great customer experience, while also providing a platform that’s easy for clients to manage without having to keep an agency on speed-dial. We have actively structured our project teams to deliver on these challenges – every website project has a dedicated Strategist to steward consumer insights and best practices, a Designer who can bring a brand’s position to life on the web, and also design for performance and conversion, and a Technology and Project Management team who is well-versed in platform integrations and delivering a scalable tool that empowers our clients’ teams. To be frank, we’ve all worked closely together on these things for years – we understand the obstacles that brand teams face, and we know how to address them.

What distinguishes us from our competitors?

Bukwild has 20 years of experience as a digital agency working with both household brands and helping launch new ideas into the world. For all of those 20 years, we have kept creative and technology teams working closely together under the same roof. Our experience has led us to a distinctly user-first approach to our work: we believe that when digital teams intentionally prioritize UX outcomes as related to business goals, it will ultimately yield stronger connections between brands and their consumers.

Put more directly: if you solve your customer’s problems and deliver real value, they’ll keep coming back. Everyone wins.

Role: UX Strategist

You will work with a small, interdisciplinary team to plan and define website and digital experiences. You have a knack for high-level systems thinking, as well as expertise in the best practices for UI patterns, especially in e-commerce and digital customer experience. You will work directly with clients and guide the entire team in defining how UX outcomes tie back to business goals. You work to put the needs of the user first.

Most importantly, you enjoy working closely with a small, highly collaborative team. You are naturally curious and work to challenge assumptions, including your own. You show up to get it right, not to be right.

Required Experience

  • Defining personas, journey mapping, information architecture, low-fidelity wireframing, and requirements documentation.
  • Listening and understanding a complex business offering, with the ability to make sense of it all and communicate back to clients, internal teams, and end-users.
  • The ability to draw insightful connections between data points, and observe commonalities between behavior patterns.
  • Facilitate discovery workshops and real-time brainstorming sessions with client and internal teams.
  • Presentation – You will help guide clients through our decision making and demonstrate strategic thinking throughout the lifespan of a project.
  • Experience with e-commerce, Shopify, and Shopify integrations is not a hard requirement, but is highly desirable.
  • Bonus: Experience with B2B, CPG, “Better For You” and Cannabis brands.


  • 401k
  • Full health coverage
  • Uncapped paid time off
  • Fully snacked-out kitchen
  • Remote & Partial WFH/WFO options available
    • Office located in Sacramento, CA
    • Remote (US only) positions available

Next steps
To apply, send an email to careers@bukwild.com

Note: This is not a visual design role, but a working knowledge of graphic design principles and tools is a bonus.

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