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Proud website partners with the pioneer of product analytics.
Partners since 2018
Partners since 2018


When Bukwild began working with Amplitude, they had identified a gap in the market – most analytics platforms were tailored for digital marketing. As digital products became central to every company’s strategy, they needed a new way to understand how features and actions lead to retention, loyalty and lifetime value. Amplitude aims to be a critical part of the tech stack that enables their customers to optimize the business value of digital product innovation.


Amplitude came to us already positioned as a category pioneer ready to scale for enterprise customers. While most of their prospective customers had marketing analytics in place, we needed to help them understand why Amplitude is different, and how it could empower their team in entirely new ways. Our IA and content strategy gave Amplitude the marketing platform they needed to tell stories around the use cases that mattered most to enterprise customers.

Cycle One
Scaling to Enterprise


When we started working with Amplitude, their business was at an inflection point: they had cut their teeth and proven themselves with a stable of small and large-sized customers, and were now ready to focus on courting enterprise-level customers. This meant leveling up their brand and website to a platform that reflected the sophistication and power of the product itself.



We designed and developed a site that gave their marketing and editorial teams a highly effective platform for demand and lead generation. Amplitude has been able to build awareness around an entirely new category, establish themselves as the leader, and build out a who’s who roster of household enterprise clients.

Cycle Two
Site Speed Optimization


One of the major goals of our site redesign was optimizing PageSpeed scores, specifically to obtain a solid A on GTMetrix. However, by the time we launched the new site, the scores were actually worse than before, which we found perplexing. To find the culprit, we ran a test comparing the homepage using different combinations of infrastructures and hostnames. This test helped us identify that the main reason for the low PageSpeed scores was due to external sources that were being loaded via Google Tag Manager (GTM). Bukwild hadn’t historically managed the client’s GTM containers but in order to fix this issue, we collaborated with their team to audit all of the active tags within the GTM container and determine which tags we could turn off or remove completely. If the tag needed to stay, we determined whether or not it could have a delayed load time.


In a total of 6 business days, we were able to identify the failing PageSpeed score, quickly audit the GTM tags, enact a plan to achieve an A score, and ultimately deploy the necessary changes to achieve that goal. 3rd party web beacons/pixels/analytics tags were responsible for ~35% decrease in their PageSpeed score. To fix this, we used GTM’s Timer trigger to delay adding all global, on page load tags by 6s. This removed them from the GTMetrix report and now we have a 97% desktop PageSpeed score!

Cycle Three
Brand Refresh and Component Optimization


As Amplitude’s internal design team has grown and the brand has evolved, we’ve worked together on a series of initiatives to update and unify the design system and branding across the website, as well as optimize site components and features to allow them to more effectively tell their story and reach new verticals.


We’ve created a more unified user experience, and given Amplitude’s site admins a more efficient toolset for building out the site to match their expanding product roadmap. We’ve also created a more effective design and feature set for their Customer and Blog sections, allowing them to create more targeted content that serves as an effective end point for demand gen.

Having worked with Bukwild through many projects, I have nothing but positive things to say about the team there. No matter the ask, they are always ready and willing to help, even if it means pulling in their leadership team to bounce around ideas. Their developers, specifically Isaaz and Long, are so prompt and thorough in their work, always ensuring I am fully satisfied before closing the project. Erin, our Project Management resource at Bukwild, is crucial to the success of our website projects. She is always able to help me rearrange work to make sure we're able to keep up with shifting deadlines and priorities. Without the team at Bukwild, we would not have been able to launch our new product pages, our web refresh, or any of the pages we needed to support our annual conference. Bukwild's work is directly tied to our success in many ways. I am thankful to be able to partner with them and learn from their expertise.
Chelsie Cauthon, Marketing Project Manager at Amplitude
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