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CLIF Bar & Company
An ongoing partnership in building, maintaining, and optimizing the digital experience for the ultimate energy bar.
Partners since 2013
Partners since 2013


Headless e-commerce

Multi-brand website

ERP integration

Campaign initiatives

Ongoing feature refinement and optimization


Named “Best in Class” by Forrester

Increased sales

Increased conversion


CLIF Bars, Luna Bars, and CLIF Kid snacks are staples for athletes, adventurers, and everyday households everywhere. CLIF Bar & Company is continuing to strive for growth and innovation – committing to proving that the best business model entails a successful business, healthy people, and a thriving planet.


There are so many moving parts within Clif Bar & Company and their product line. Our job as their digital partner is to ensure that their website serves as the most trusted resource for CB&C products and stories, by inspiring and helping consumers with every interaction.

Cycle One
Direct-to-Consumer E-Commerce


As a brand with nearly-ubiquitous distribution in brick & mortar retail, the leadership team realized that in order to grow and innovate, they needed to build a more direct relationship with their end consumers. The short-term goal was to take ownership of e-commerce sales, with a platform that would enable a better customer experience to help in-store and online purchasers, while also setting the stage for 1-to-1 communication, giving the brand team access to first-party data.


How do we create a scaleable, multi-brand, multi-product line, multi-blog, campaign landing, nutrition fact finding, and otherwise widely multi-purpose storefront experience? Simple, we use the best tools out there. We seamlessly integrated Craft CMS with Shopify Plus to create a high performing, scaleable, mostly headless brand & product experience.

To achieve consistency and scale, we started with an atomic design system, translated into a component based website build. This gives CLIF Bar the ability to adapt the site to their needs. So, marketing and creative can quickly spin up new pages and entire sections for campaigns, merchandisers can seed product mentions throughout the 600+ page website, and the CLIF Bar & Company story can shine wherever and however it needs to.

Bukwild has been our digital agency partner for years. They're equal parts beauty and brains and truly engage with us like they're a part of our team.
John Monteleone CLIF Bar, Sr. Director Digital
Cycle Two
Sustained Energy Campaign


CLIF Bars are the ultimate energy bar for sport nutrition. As competitors flooded the snack bar market with diet fads and sugar-shaming, CLIF chose to stay true to their core customer base of athletes, refusing to compromise on the best ingredients for athletic performance. But this message wasn’t making its way to everyday consumers who were confused and hungry for clarity.

To address our audience’s craving for brand transparency, we worked closely with CLIF’s creative, nutrition, and legal teams to explain exactly what’s inside a bar, and how it helps athletes achieve peak performance.


We helped them assert their authority on the topic by focusing on the facts: their performance foods are developed by sport nutritionists, and esteemed by a diverse roster of sponsored athletes who demonstrate the broader appeal of their products beyond just “traditional” outdoor sports. We added a series of content and components to their site that allow them to more effectively merchandise the “why” behind the products, and help everyday adventurers understand how fueling properly will help them enjoy the activities they are passionate about.

We also built on the success of previous campaigns by creating a series of strategic social assets that extend the message beyond the website and give athletes an engaging way to encourage and support one another.

When a client has such a great product and such an inspiring roster of athletes; it energizes our team to keep raising the bar. This campaign is a testament to our passion for creating experiences that educate and inspire athletes around the world.
Donald Fierros COO, Bukwild
Cycle Three
Sustainability Report


In an era of performative corporate responsibility efforts and greenwashing, CLIF Bar and Company has been quietly walking the walk for decades. Every year, CLIF’s annual report has focused on the quantified impact of their Five Aspirations: Sustaining People, Communities, Planet, their Brands, and their Business. Historically, this has been a print-centric artifact, produced for board members and company insiders. In 2021, we worked with their editorial team to bring the Annual Report into a format for everyone, easily viewed and shared on mobile devices.


We created a unique landing page, intentionally designed to feel connected to, but unique from, the main website. By highlighting the year’s “greatest hits” under each aspiration, we were able to help CLIF share their efforts and build equity as they use their business to do good in the world.

Cycle Four
Effortless Shopping


This initiative marked a paradigm shift for both the CLIF and Bukwild teams as we collectively moved on from a long history of thinking of as a brand website, to proactively treating it as a platform. This meant a series of brainstorms, workshops, roadmapping, designing and testing features around our North Star: “make shopping as effortless as possible.”


We’ve rolled out a number of new features, all aimed at making it easier for users to get the products and info they’re seeking. This list includes subscriptions, quick shop, improved product search, product favorites, and other updates to improve site speed, accessibility, and reduce friction.

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