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Happy Family Organics
Design and technology partners for the category leader in children’s nutrition, building and maintaining the center of their digital ecosystem.
Partners since 2020
Partners since 2020


Happy Family Organics is a category leader established through strong distribution in nearly all major grocery and retail stores. With consumer behavior driving an accelerated shift to online shopping, the website has become an important driver of sales through BOPIS transactions and major e-commerce partners.


Create a modern and genuinely helpful site for parents who are navigating a crowded, overwhelming market, with distinct user flows for product information, purchase options, and access to free parental support and educational resources.

Cycle one
Optimization & Support


When we began working with the team at Happy Family Organics, they had a legacy site that had grown in multiple directions with different technology and was unwieldy for their digital team to manage. Before they were ready for a complete replatform, we supported their team through incremental optimization – UX audits and front end updates, as well as back end development, updated integrations, and bug fixes.


Beginning our partnership by optimizing Happy Family Organics’ existing site provided immediate relief for their digital team. Jumping in as an extension of their team allowed for us to quickly address their most pressing issues, while also getting to know each other and familiarize ourselves with their brand and product lines. This approach allowed us to build a solid foundation from which we could begin the full site replatform.

Cycle Two


As the center of Happy Family’s digital ecosystem, the website has become a critical waypoint at multiple steps of the consumer journey, driving growth by stewarding purchases, as well as building long-term connections as a free resource for access to certified nutritional advice for new parents. Providing the best user experience meant getting the foundation right, with a headless CMS and a content delivery network that allows their digital team to quickly create landing pages while also highly optimizing for page speed. In addition to helping users find the content they need quickly, page load times were critical in optimizing for search – both organic search and reducing cost-per-click on paid campaigns.


With their new site, Happy Family’s digital team has a powerful toolkit to connect with their consumers. The site drives online and in-store sales, incentivizes email acquisition and loyalty, and provides a venue for the brand to fulfill its mission by directly providing parents with credentialed, non-partial nutritional advice from experts. Moreover, as part of the Danone family of brands, Happy Family is setting the benchmarks for website performance.

Let’s see what we can make together.
It’ll be pretty awesome.