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King Arthur Baking
Tradition takes the digital world. King Arthur's approach had always been: “Sell the world of baking, and the flour will sell itself.” It worked for them for over 200 years, now we just had to make it work in the digital marketplace.
Partners since 2018
Partners since 2018


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King Arthur needed to catch up to the digital age with a beautiful and robust website interface that could support their core truth as a values-driven, employee-owned B-corp that was about more than just flour, while still giving customers and aspiring bakers the information they needed, when and where they needed it


We took a look at what made them great in the first place, and aimed to extend that greatness into a refreshed digital experience for the historic, employee-owned brand.

Cycle One
Identify and Execute on Priorities


In examining the customer experience, we knew that the legacy site was not built with the company’s large number of mobile-based users in mind. Quite often, these users were accessing recipe and support pages from their tablets in the kitchen, so considering their experience was an important endeavor.

We also identified a critical need for better adherence to ADA compliance. Large swaths of King Arthur’s customers were on the higher end of the age spectrum, which meant taking extra care to deliver an experience that was legible, usable, and ultimately delightful.

Additionally, our research revealed that an overwhelming majority of traffic to the legacy site went directly to recipe pages. When we visited those pages, we noticed that there was a huge opportunity to seed relevant product prompts directly next to the recipe content, making the user experience feel thoughtful, helpful, and intuitive.


  • Implemented an “Atomic Design” component system as an exceedingly flexible method for the company’s digital staff to create new pages on the fly, update specific sections of existing pages, and tailor new content to a specific need.
  • Collaborated with King Arthur’s team to implement good, repeatable systems that would outfit key product pages with content that tells a complete product story.
  • Optimized responsive design for easy, intuitive mobile use and navigation.
  • Prioritized ADA compliance and created an interactive style guide that maps website page components in a clear and organized way.
  • Helped an established brand with an existing direct-to-consumer business level their systems up and increase the overall experience for their customers, while also making life easier for internal staffers and nurturing some of the less obvious use-cases of the site.
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