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Kiva’s commitment to the community, along with a diehard dedication to deliciousness, has created a level of brand loyalty that is unprecedented in the cannabis industry, and thus must be proactively protected.
Partners Since 2019
Partners Since 2019


Kiva needed to shore up its market share and reinforce its role at the top by once again setting a high bar for others to aspire to, now in a post-pandemic, digital-driven economy.


After decades in the shadows, cannabis shoppers are now hungry for transparency. They want to understand the product - its ingredients, its purpose, its effect. They want to hold it in their hands to get a feel for its quality, its portability, its discreteness, its deliciousness. And, at long last, they just want an easy, enjoyable edibles experience. So, our approach was to design Kiva’s site as the first-ever digital cannabis candy store.

Cycle One
Function Meets Design


Kiva’s new site had three ambitious priorities that varied in complexity. First, it had to serve as a digital marketing platform that would define and differentiate the parent and sub brands, showcase the quality of the products, and facilitate consumer discovery. Second, it needed to provide real value to the visitor via educational content and map functionality. And finally, it had to comply with a complex web of often-contradictory state laws and federal regulations.


The site design evokes memories of walking into a small sweets shop and seeing jars of colorful candies in neat rows, waiting to be admired. A combination of texture, color, movement, and rich descriptions create an inviting, fluid experience that inspires exploration and offers education every step of the way.
We empowered customers to make informed choices by developing a Virtual Budtender search feature that recommends products based on specific situations and desired effects, while also creating cross-merchandising opportunities across Kiva’s family of brands.
Through a photography style that captures the intimate design details of the product packaging and allows a look at the mouth-watering formats inside, we offer a taste of a more familiar, tangible trip to the dispensary.

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