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A phased website approach for Owlet’s modern take on a parenting staple.
Partners since 2021
Partners since 2021


Owlet’s innovative smart sock, camera monitor, app, and accessories are truly made for 21st century parents - and it was time to overhaul their website from ecommerce hindrance to slick parenting resource.


Using a phased approach to get the most important pages public-facing as quickly as possible, the goal was to create an intuitive, easily navigated site for parents looking to make a purchase, researching their options, or looking for parenting support.

Cycle One
Quick-to-Market Landing Page


While planning and laying the groundwork for the larger task of overhauling Owlet’s website, the company realized they needed a space to launch a new product line as soon as possible. They wanted the landing page to display evolved branding and product-specific design, with clear and easy-to-update messaging in the right tone. And they wanted it to go live within a matter of weeks.


  • We chose Squarespace to host the new landing page, preferring the platform’s flexibility and ability to integrate with necessary programs and existing site pages
  • Key players on our team set to work asynchronously in order to quickly streamline the project timeline
  • We took advantage of Squarespace’s features to cut down on development hours, while also making sure to include premium touches like motion and scroll activity
  • We built confidence in our client relationship by executing this cycle quickly and beautifully, while also paying attention to how the analytics might affect the larger website project in the near future
  • Most importantly, we were able to launch this landing page in time for the holiday shopping season, with a plan that got us to market in the fastest time possible
Cycle Two
Homepage and Key Product Pages


Once we decided on a phased rollout for Owlet’s new website, we got down to business going through discovery, wireframing, copywriting, design concepting and execution, and ultimately developing a new headless CMS. Along the way, we took care to ensure the remaining older pages integrated seamlessly with the new homepage and product pages. The goal of the new homepage was to tell the parenting story, with Owlet products as key characters, while also clearly communicating the features and benefits of the technology. The new product pages were meant to expand upon those features and benefits, and make the purchasing process clear, easy, and efficient.


  • We analyzed and identified the most efficient hosting platform to meet the needs of our phased approach rollout while also optimizing for ecommerce and digital marketing
  • We activated our teams and work streams to run the most efficient operation in order to quickly get to the heart of design and messaging
  • We were able to work collaboratively with Owlet to successfully streamline their go-to-market time
  • We set ourselves and our client teams up to continue onto future phases while optimizing and iterating on the live site based on real time analytics
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