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Pretty Great Instant Coffee
Niche fan bases help carve market space for your product. Even if it’s peddling instant coffee to fans of a pro cyclist doing it his own way.
Partners since 2021
Partners since 2021


The minds behind Pretty Great Instant Coffee knew they had a great product, and wanted to let the outdoor adventure sport world know by leveraging connections to tell their story and reach their audiences on Instagram.


Use documentary style art direction and both organic and paid social media to activate an unconventional pro cyclist’s cult following.

Cycle One
Reaching your niche, digitally.


In the early stages of Pretty Great, one of the founders sent a few packets on a whim to pro cyclist Lachlan Morton after seeing him post about drinking instant coffee on his rides. Not only did Lachlan love the stuff, he ended up becoming a partner and early face of the brand. Somewhat of a rebel and renegade in the sport of pro cycling, Lachlan had amassed a following for his unique and alternative style. Naturally, we decided on a slightly rough-around-the-edges, documentary style shoot to launch the brand. We pulled together a team of trusted photographers, videographers, and writers, and did what none of us do best: went camping. After two days following Lachlan as he cycled over 100 miles to the California coast, filming and shooting as he made campfires and drank Pretty Great coffee, and recording interview style voiceover audio, we had exactly the content we needed.



Then it came time to launch. Lachlan teased the brand on his own social media channels, getting his fan base all riled up. We made a series of pre-launch posts on the organic Pretty Great Instagram account. To launch, we shared a series of documentary-like videos detailing the coffee making process, rides, and camping experience from the shoot as both an organic and paid media push. And the product was a pretty great hit.

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