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The Botanist
A localized cannabis website to drive foot traffic to brick & mortar retail stores.
Partners since 2021
Partners since 2021


The Botanist is working to become a top national cannabis brand, by guiding the full spectrum of consumers with insight, knowledge, and accessible quality for everyone. Their growth is driven by bringing a premium retail experience to mid-market cities across the country. They approached us with two problems: their brand was over-indexing on “upscale boutique” signals, intimidating or turning off consumers who have a plethora of other options. Additionally, the existing website was cumbersome for users to find products and information for their location, and admin capabilities were limited – a headache to try to manage.


We engaged in a complete rebrand, to bring down the garden walls, with a friendlier feel that allows The Botanist’s unpretentious enthusiasm for cannabis to lead. We also created an entirely new site structure, using geolocation to create a tailored site experience that serves up local store and product info, while adhering to state-by-state regulation. All of this work is geared towards an experience that helps The Botanist become known as a trusted resource for all things cannabis.

Cycle One
Replatforming with a Scalable Design System


While most of our projects focus on an e-commerce experience, The Botanist’s business strategy is all about building relationships with their consumers at retail. They pride themselves on offering deep expertise and personal guidance on the sales floor. In order to scale this model, we needed to create a brand and design system that allowed for consistency and repeatability across locations, with the flexibility for each location’s information and products to fit within the system.


The Botanist is able to deliver a more consistent customer experience at each location across the country. The marketing team has a scalable design system that they can share with local store managers to create collateral, and consumers have much easier access to the information that they care about.

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