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Cloak is a component library, designed and built to make headless mess-less.

The Cloak component library consists of designed and built features and functions that have been road-tested, debugged, and pre-configured to meet the standards of a best-in-class e-commerce experience.

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How does it help?

Cloak allows us to get the most out of Shopify Plus for commerce functions and product catalogs and acts as a CMS for storytelling and brand-based communication pages. Using Cloak as a starting point allows us to focus on the customizations that are going to move the needle and unlock doors for our clients, rather than spending our effort getting them to the industry baseline. As a result Cloak allows us to get the most out of Shopify Plus while being a cost effective solution for headless commerce.

What does it mean for a DTC business?


Easy to scale

Cloak allows client-side teams to roll out new pages and content for both commerce and brand without the need of designers and developers.

Utilize best-in-class functions and features

UI and development is complete, road-tested, pre-configured, and proven to provide best-in-class functions and features while allowing the flexibility for uniquely branded experiences. Pre-configured integrations include Justuno, ReCharge, Ordergroove, PowerReviews, Bazaarvoice, Salesforce, Elevar, LoyaltyLion, Klaviyo, and more.

Examples: Quick Shop, Fly-Out Cart, Subscriptions, Custom Pricing, Bundling, Page Building, Wholesale

Better site performance

Pages on headless websites often load two to 15 times faster than a traditional architecture. Faster page speeds have been shown to convert at higher rates, rank higher in organic search, and have lower cost-per-click rates when running digital media campaigns.

Efficient use of time and money

The hard work has been done and proven. This allows us to work faster and focus time and energy on the areas unique to your business and brand.

Who benefits and how?

Is Cloak right for you?

  • ShopifyPlus clients or clients ready to move to Plus
  • Organizations with technical debt in their commerce stack
  • Unable to keep up with the demands of the brand and business
  • Feeling limited by Shopify

Our Approach 

Starting a headless commerce solution from scratch demands too much time and resources to simply meet the table stakes. By utilizing our component commerce system we fast-forward the boring stuff to get to what matters - your business, brand, and user. 

Vendor Partners

We choose to partner with vendors that live up to the high expectations we’ve developed over the years. This only enhances your experience working with us, and your users’ experience working with you.

Let’s see what we can make together.
It’ll be pretty awesome.