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As the founder of a brand studio that helps companies of many sizes launch new endeavors, sometimes I need to take a step back and look past the strive for capital. Which in and of itself alone can be too anemic. I need to take a deeper look at what we’re contributing our years of experience and inherent talents to. So at the risk of what can sound like profound self-importance allow me to get deep for just a moment.

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The human experience is comprised of so many things. Miraculous, evil, benign and every shade and varied combination in between. One of the miraculous is the act of “creation”. It happens as a result of many drivers — most significantly, love. Consider that two people come together, share their hearts, which begets them sharing their bodies, which begets them sharing their souls, which begets — creation. Creation is the result of maybe the single most mysterious and magnificent of human experiences.

Creation is also the fruit of enacted inspiration and vision. In our quiet moments something stirs in our belly, an idea bounces around our mind, it gives us energy. If we’re brave enough or convicted enough or sometimes naive enough, we write it down. We then share it with someone else and they, in one way or another, validate it. Which gives it more life. We then see something in the world which in turn gives it more energy. The inspiration is getting sun and water. As if someone, or something out there knows something we don’t and is leading us along as we take step after step. It’s what some people call the Universe, others God, or intuition, or ally, or other self, or the creative spirit, or…

This is the stuff. Its as ancient as consciousness. It’s what has pushed and prodded us along as humans. Its whats created the world around us. And is still being created everyday. I heard it said recently, “our reputation will come from our participation in the ongoing creation of the world.” (Thank you, Rob Bell). THATS the business we’re in! We’re not here for the clicks and the visits. We get to partner and participate in the movement of the creative spirit!

On our best day, in the best case, we get to come alongside the brave ones, listening to that voice, writing it down, sharing it, giving it life and we help give it vision. We help give it something to connect to. What an incredible way to share our inherent talents, and collaboration and our professional day.

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