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Landing Pages That Convert

Maximize your marketing budgets by driving traffic to a page that clearly communicates your benefits, with an unmistakable call to action.

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Landing pages have one job.

If you’re paying to drive users to a dedicated page on your website, it’s worth greeting them properly. While your main site experience should be designed to help organic visitors navigate your brand universe, landing pages should be sharply tailored to the desires of a pre-qualified audience.

Benefits of a Landing Page Framework

A considered approach can make or break campaigns.


Higher conversion rates.

Driving traffic to tightly honed landing pages with a narrative that directly pays off ad creative will naturally increase conversion rates.

Improved return on ad spend.

As more effective landing pages increase conversion rates, the overall efficacy of campaigns improves, lowering your CPA and improving the return on ad buys.

Efficient testing and optimization.

A nimble framework allows marketing teams to launch and test multiple landing pages, allowing you to test creative and messaging with multiple audiences, adapting and refining as your campaigns evolve.

Many DTC websites are arranged to try to serve the needs of both organic and paid/targeted traffic, therefore, aren't fully optimized for either. Sending organic traffic through marketing landing pages creates unnecessary steps, and sending paid traffic to the main site leaves too much opportunity for distraction.

Our Approach
Solve a problem so your audience doesn’t have to.

An Angle for Every Audience

Effective landing pages focus on how you can make people’s lives better. A targeted audience gives us the luxury of telling a specific story.

Reduce the Chance of Distraction

Meet your users where they are, address their needs and stage in the funnel with clear calls to action. Avoid temptation to divert them away.

Connect all of the Dots

Product pages often focus on product features, leaving it up to the user to imagine how to put them to use. A benefit-led narrative clearly expresses the “why” and the “how” making it easier for people to get to “yes.”

Frameworks Over Templates

Campaigns aren’t all the same, and the stories we tell need to be tailored to the audience. We use component design systems and messaging frameworks that allow customization without requiring re-invention.

California Olive Ranch Holiday Campaign
Boosting sales with limited edition products.

We created a commerce component system that enables the COR team to create high-converting landing pages for top-selling products. The holiday '22 campaign focused on Olio Nuovo, a limited-edition bottle and gift set, resulting in a 59% jump in conversion rate, and a 91% increase in overall store revenue.

Case Study
The entire project felt seamless. The user-centered approach really made the work progress efficiently. We were able to make decisions quickly which was really important to us as we had a critical relaunch window. This new architecture will enable us to invest in marketing in ways that our old site could not. I couldn’t be more excited about the future.”
Michael Fox, CEO California Olive Ranch
Let’s see what we can make together.
It’ll be pretty awesome.