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Narrative Strategy

Our narrative strategy approach is designed for DTC businesses who want to communicate with users about their purpose and value and convert those users to returning customers, all while letting their brand voice shine through.

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Narrative strategy is our approach to telling your story.

It involves identifying your audience, discovering your story, and using strategy to best determine how to tell it in a way that is effective for business goals.

All of the copy on your website should have a clear purpose - viewers don’t have the patience to read excess and fluff that doesn’t get them closer to what they need or want from you. By taking this straightforward approach - while still speaking in your brand voice - you gain value in being able to get your message across in a succinct and impactful way.

Our Approach
20+ Years of Experience

What is our approach?

By approaching narrative and copywriting from a strategy standpoint, we are able to set clear goals from the start and make sure that the messaging is in service of those goals. We are also flexible in how we work with clients around narrative strategy - our offerings range from taking source material from the client and finessing it for web to writing 100% original copy, and often we employ a mix of that range.

What teams work on this capability?

Our strategy team leads the narrative strategy portion of a project, with our Strategy Director and Narrative Strategist playing prominent roles. Additionally, the strategy team will often partner with the creative team to determine how the story will show up in the design overall.

What is the value
to you?

We typically see clients finding themselves a bit lost as to how to best translate their brand voice for their digital web presence. By working with our strategy team to craft a specific web narrative, we see clients become confident in what will resonate with users coming to them via the internet.

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