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Page Speed Optimization

Delivering a best-in-class DTC experience means getting the foundations right. Here’s why page speed matters to your users and to your business.

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Page speed measures how fast the content on a page loads for site visitors.

There are various factors that affect how fast content loads – how “heavy” the visual assets are; if there are processor-intensive animations; and scripts for behavioral analytics, marketing tech, and other cookies that can make a big impact on page speed.

Page speed optimization takes a holistic approach, looking at all of these factors, and orchestrating them so that they can all load as quickly as possible.

Why does page speed matter?

Investing in page speed optimization can pay off in multiple ways.


Improved search engine ranking.

Especially on DTC sites where the majority of traffic comes from mobile, search engines factor page speed into results listings, penalizing websites with poor page speed scores.

Improved return on ad spend.

Ad campaigns perform better and cost-per-click is lower when landing pages load faster. We've seen clients offset the entire cost of a site redesign through cost-per-click savings as a result of faster page speeds.

Higher conversion rates.

A Portent study showed pages that load in five seconds or less have a 1.5x higher conversion rate than sites that load in 10 seconds or less. Simply put, your users just don't want to wait around for pages to load.

Analyzing a site’s top pages, we’ve found opportunities for 14-35% improvements to page speed scores, often just by making adjustments to scripting time – one of the elements of page speed measurement.

Our Approach
Optimizing at Every Opportunity

A Performant Tech Stack

Our preferred tech stack has been intentionally selected and refined with page performance in mind.

Tested Development Patterns

We've invested time into refining development patterns that prioritize time-to-paint and first interaction, and allow secondary scripts, like marketing tech, to be loaded with minimal impact.

A Multi-Disciplinary Team

Our strategy, design, and development teams are all web specialists who keep page weight top-of-mind with each decision.

Headless E-Commerce

By integrating e-commerce platforms with statically generated pages, we can render product collection and detail pages faster than using a standard theme architecture.

Amplitude: What does an “A” mean?
Boosted traffic and engagement with a top GTMetrix Score

Amplitude is a category pioneer and leader in product analytics software. As their website partner since 2018, we’ve helped them through a variety of optimization cycles, including bringing them to a 97% desktop page speed score.

Learn more about Amplitude and how we’ve worked with them to create a sophisticated B2B marketing site.

Case Study
Taking those Google PageSpeed scores to 100, now the team is making SEO improvements and in 2 weeks we saw the search impressions go up from 2.5k to 24.8k and average click through rates from 0.7% to 4.2%. Even engagement went from 18 to 1.4k”
Let’s see what we can make together.
It’ll be pretty awesome.