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Ensure a seamless brand experience that does magic for conversion rates.

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What does it do?

Justuno describes itself as a ‘conversion rate optimization platform.’ But really, they’re a very smart targeted messaging system.

Pop-ups can be tacky and annoying. What we like about Justuno is its ability to be very specific with targeting your promotions, campaigns, and data collection, while not disrupting the user experience. Uses include distributing discounts to particular segments of your traffic, and collecting emails and phone numbers for contact list growth.

The superpower of Justuno is its ability to target very specific segments of your traffic. Targeting can be automated by shopping behavior, amount of return visits, location, and even intent. 

Why Justuno?
Connect with your users instead of driving them away.

Conversion rate optimization

Segmentation and targeting

Personalized messaging

What can Justuno do for you?
Enhance your user relationship.

Start from a place of aligned values


Ease of use and technical capabilities


Flexible support staff

Featured Clients
Justuno is changing the game.
Let’s see what we can make together.
It’ll be pretty awesome.