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User-first digital commerce for the modern brand.

Bukwild is an independent design and technology studio helping DTC brands reach consumers and thrive in the digital economy.


User First. Always.

Long-Term Value

We identify the role of your website within your digital ecosystem, and prioritize the needs of your consumers. A user-centric experience is a requirement to keep users coming back.

Frictionless Conversion

We optimize user journeys to help your consumer understand which of your products is right for them, and make it as easy as possible to get it, as often as they need it.


Right-Fit Technology Suite

We put our years of experience to work assembling a stack that maximizes your team's efficiency and makes the most of micro-moments like marketing, payments, post purchase, customer support, and logistics.

Bukwild for Bag Balm

Bag Balm's online business—currently hovering at about $400k per year—has plenty of potential to exceed $1M yearly revenue.

We acknowledge that this proposal has a higher total price tag on it than the soft range that Sarah quoted to us over the phone. We believe that in addition to the theme update, Bag Balm has a huge opportunity to improve its use-case, product, and product education content sitewide. This will give users clearer reasons to believe in both Bag Balm the product, AND Bag Balm the company.

By focusing on UX outcomes and tailoring our efforts to bring more valuable, and more beautiful information into the places that your users are looking, we can help Bag Balm achieve the growth for which we see so much opportunity.

Project Approach

This project has a distinct advantage in that Bukwild and Bag Balm have already been engaged in an audit of the existing website, and that collaborative effort has yielded some good insight for how to proceed with this work.

The audit, as well as the robust requirements that Bag Balm have provided since its completion, have identified a wide variety of enhancements and improvements that the site could benefit from.

We'll proceed against these recommendations by looking for a Shopify theme that satisfies the widest range of the requirements out of the box, and that can be reasonably extended to support as many of the items that require it as possible.

In the audit itself—as well as in the follow up documentation sent over by Sarah and Libby—a few broad themes emerge, which we'll refer to as the targeted UX outcomes for this project.

UX Outcomes for Re-Theme

The list of requirements we'll work from goes into small detail on tactics, but these are some over-arching strategies to fulfill

UX Outcomes for Re-Theme

Improved/Modern Performance

Clearer/More Consistent Customer Messaging

Improved UX Flow

Improved/Enhanced Content

Consildated App Ecosystem

The list of requirements we'll work from goes into small detail on tactics, but these are some over-arching strategies to fulfill

With that point of view established, we can then map the items from the requirements document into categories that will help us choose the appropriate theme.

Click here to see how we've taken Bag Balm's specific list of requirements and broken it out into categories, prioritizations, and other information designed to help tackle this project.

With our various requirements organized and prioritized as such, we can then proceed to execute the project in a few phases.


Discovery & Planning


Fact-finding and vetting specifics

Theme Recommendation

3-5 selects narrowed down to 1

App & Configuration Recommendation

Prioritizing scope against plan + remaining resources


Creative & UX

Creative Reviews

Two rounds of review before development begins

Asset Creation + Content Edits

Create assets and content required for new theme


Implementation & Launch

Theme Deployment

Install, integration, and custom development

App Configuration

All old and new apps to be integrated into the new theme

Cutover & Launch Plan

A good launch is an organized launch


Approx 8-10 Weeks from Kickoff

Bag Balm has been clear that in order for this initiative to make sense for them, the work needs to be complete in time for the 2023 Holiday shopping season to make use of it. Bukwild acknowledges that and would like to proceed with this work swiftly in order to beat that deadline by a healthy margin.


$75k Total Project Budget

We'll treat the engagement as a fixed-budget, flexible-scope project, which means that we will be prioritizing features and using our available budget to support them, until that budget runs out.

Our specific allocations are as follows:

Discovery, Theme & App Recommendation, Theme & App Configuration, Launch:

Asset Creation, UX, and Development we believe is necessary for a successful launch:

Ongoing Support

Starting at $8k per month

Working in the way described above is a perfect introduction to how it feels to work with Bukwild in an ongoing support subscription. We meet with our client teams quarterly to plan and organize the tasks to be done on the website, and allow time in each week's sprint for support tasks, bugs, and other short-notice items.

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