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User-first digital commerce for the modern brand.

Bukwild is an independent design and technology studio helping DTC brands reach consumers and thrive in the digital economy.


User First. Always.

Long-Term Value

We identify the role of your website within your digital ecosystem, and prioritize the needs of your consumers. A user-centric experience is a requirement to keep users coming back.

Frictionless Conversion

We optimize user journeys to help your consumer understand which of your products is right for them, and make it as easy as possible to get it, as often as they need it.


Right-Fit Technology Suite

We put our years of experience to work assembling a stack that maximizes your team's efficiency and makes the most of micro-moments like marketing, payments, post purchase, customer support, and logistics.

Working in Cycles

Bukwild offers subscription programs defined by cycles.

We help define the roadmap and allocate the required disciplines to accomplish the desired outcome with predictability, visibility, and expertise.

Two ways to work with us.


On-demand expertise working in quarterly cycles to quickly meet the needs of your team, and scale as your demands and initiatives evolve over time.


UX and performance improvements to your existing site.

Extend & Innovate

Iterate and optimize your digital presence for scalability and growth.

Care & Support

Bug fixes, instrumentation, and platform support.


UX, design, and development for digital projects, from custom Shopify storefronts to product launches and landing pages.

Digital Transformation

Strategy, technology & design for DTC experience and technical platforming


Unique destinations for campaigns, product launches, and activations.


Apps, extensions, and systems integrations.

User first, outcome focused, and with you every step of the way.

Bukwild for CALSTART

Our conversations with Falisha throughout this process have been rich and meaningful.

It is our understanding that CALSTART is interested in moving an existing property——from its current hosting situation, as well as transition its support concern away from the existing vendor.

Bukwild is very well versed in creating, supporting, and maintaining complex systems like the one that the current appears to be.

Our approach to this assignment would be to work with CALSTART and the current hosting partner to discover everything we need to know about the technical requirements of the app so that we can make sound recommendations for next steps.

We've included several lined-out items in our proposal below that should help make clear the different steps in this process that we'd expect.

Identified Needs + Requirements

Falisha was clear about the current pain points and other items that bear consideration.

Identified Needs + Requirements

Technical Discovery

Critical Updates


Increased Update Speed

Reporting & Instrumentation

Falisha was clear about the current pain points and other items that bear consideration.

Project Approach

We consider this project to essentially be a move-and-support initiative that would free CALSTART from its current hosting provider.

There are several things that we need to learn before we can understand all of the specifics involved with the migration, however, we do know the process by which we'll gather that data.

As we run our Discovery program on the existing ecosystem, we'll be able to make swift recommendations for hosting providers and any other 3rd party services (Google Analytics, etc.) that need to be migrated.

Once the app is fully migrated (and potentially relaunched), we can work to address any critical issues that the team at Calstart have already identified. We will provide guidance on triaging those tasks to make the most sense inre: level of effort.

Finally, to round out the project, we'll provide a 6-month support retainer that can be extended and/or transformed to meet the ongoing needs of INSITE tool upkeep and maintenance.


1:1 Migration of existing tool to new hosting environment


w/ Current Developer to identify app requirements

Recommend + Provision

new hosting environment

Migrate Software

gain understanding and control of existing code and database

Test and Launch

Install software on target server and test for functionality

$20,000 Migration

Any unused hours from this phase can be added to the budget allocation for Phase 2 or be rolled into Phase 3


Critical changes and fixes that Calstart have been unable to address w/ current host


any existing issues or requests


provide prioritized estimate against budget allocation


Either fix and deploy to live or fix in batches and deploy at once

$20,000 Allocation

This number is flexible and can adjust based on Calstart's desire to make more or less changes initially


Support app on new hosting environment w/ development and maintenance retainer

Six Months

small allocation of retained development support hours per month

Dedicated Project Manager

single day-to-day project lead throughout entire engagement

$8,800 per month

40 retained hours per month run in weekly sprints


Schedule pending Discovery

Our expectations surrounding timing is that we would engage with Calstart in early March for paperwork and planning of the project. From there, we would target a swift turnaround time for initial phases, pending any specific requests from Calstart. We'll need to make contact with the existing host/developer to gain access to source code before we can truly estimate timing.



This budget includes $40,000 for initial migration and fixing phase, followed by a six-month support retainer for 40 hours per month, priced at $8,800 per.

Any unused hours from phases 1 or 2 may be rolled over into the overall retainer.

Without being able to commit to a hard timeline, if things proceed somewhat normally, it would be reasonable to assume migration completion in May/June w/ the retainer kicking in to finish out the year and be renegotiated for 2024 based on the data we've collected.

Ongoing Support

Service packages flex up and down

We've made a blind estimate by with our suggestion that you only need 40 hours per month in support. If it turns out that you need more, or that you'd like to include UX and design resources into that retainer, we can absolutely accommodate.

We meet with our client teams quarterly to plan and organize the tasks to be done on the website, and allow time in each week's sprint for support tasks, bugs, and other short-notice items.

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