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User-first digital commerce for the modern brand.

Bukwild is an independent design and technology studio helping DTC brands reach consumers and thrive in the digital economy.


User First. Always.

Long-Term Value

We identify the role of your website within your digital ecosystem, and prioritize the needs of your consumers. A user-centric experience is a requirement to keep users coming back.

Frictionless Conversion

We optimize user journeys to help your consumer understand which of your products is right for them, and make it as easy as possible to get it, as often as they need it.


Right-Fit Technology Suite

We put our years of experience to work assembling a stack that maximizes your team's efficiency and makes the most of micro-moments like marketing, payments, post purchase, customer support, and logistics.

Working in Cycles

Bukwild offers subscription programs defined by cycles.

We help define the roadmap and allocate the required disciplines to accomplish the desired outcome with predictability, visibility, and expertise.

Two ways to work with us.


On-demand expertise working in quarterly cycles to quickly meet the needs of your team, and scale as your demands and initiatives evolve over time.


UX and performance improvements to your existing site.

Extend & Innovate

Iterate and optimize your digital presence for scalability and growth.

Care & Support

Bug fixes, instrumentation, and platform support.


UX, design, and development for digital projects, from custom Shopify storefronts to product launches and landing pages.

Digital Transformation

Strategy, technology & design for DTC experience and technical platforming


Unique destinations for campaigns, product launches, and activations.


Apps, extensions, and systems integrations.

User first, outcome focused, and with you every step of the way.

Partner Spotlight: Sister

To be totally honest, we feel that it would be a shame to not take a hard lean towards the work we've completed with another group you're familiar with: Sister Pictures.

Sister came to us with a similar ask as the one that Locksmith has extended to us, and we feel that the site we produced for/with them is a wonderful tool for communicating our capabilities and process to Locksmith.

Discovery Output + Jobs to be Done

We use the beginning of all of our projects as an opportunity to perform a robust Discovery program. In it, we walk you through 4 main workshops: Brand, Jobs to be Done, Technical, and Core Requirements and Priorities.

The Jobs to be Done workshop, in particular, is intended for us to be able to work with you to understand all of the different user personas/groups that you want visiting the site, and all of the different ways in which the site can best service them.

That process then outputs a series of strategic slides (like the ones below) that serve as a guiding light for wireframing, design, and development.

(Swipe right and left below to see how our strategy worked out for the Sister website)


Creative Concepts

Once our core strategy for the website was set and we knew what each page needed to accomplish with users, we were able to dive into creative concepts for the homepage. 

Sister had a small but powerful set of guidelines for the brand, which left us to find the best way to arrange the content and visuals for facilitating the highest degree of engagement.

The Tech

Our technical approach to Sister's website was one that falls well in line with what we'd recommend for Locksmith, and also follows our preferred approach for building.

We'd suggest using Craft CMS for the backend of the site: Between this software, and our focus on using design components for page construction (as opposed to a template-based approach), we believe that the Locksmith team will experience a HUGE delta in how quick and easy it is to create and update pages on the site.

Further, our construction of the site via a 'Headless' framework allows for value-add things like page-to-page transition animations, deeper abilities to optimize performance for Google, and a best-practice, modern look that should help with attracting talent (or at least not turning them off).

The Team

We don't assign teams before contracts are signed at Bukwild, however, this is the leadership team that was ultimately responsible for this Sister site. Each of us remained close throughout and look to insure that the work being done is able to be clearly communicated (at any moment) in a way that ladders up to the strategic initiatives that have been agreed upon.

Account Executive

Justin Jewett

Justin Jewett is the Vice President of Bukwild, helping lead the company’s broad range of business initiatives while driving growth for the firm and its clients. An expert communicator in a highly technical field, he excels at collaborating with brands to identify and fulfill consumer needs, distilling the most complicated concerns into their more accessible, human components.

Production Director

Erin Campos

A gifted producer and digital marketing manager, Erin meets every project, every ask, and every challenge with unlimited patience. Her years of experience delivering "on-time and on-budget" can’t truly illustrate her poise, and ability to make both her team and her clients feel supported and taken care of.

Strategy Director

Ethan Martin

Ethan is the caretaker of the company’s user-driven approach to building stronger, more resilient brands. A longtime member of the leadership team, he oversees strategy for all brand partners, navigating the complex negotiation between consumer behaviors and client needs.

Design Director

Nick Barry

Nick has spent the last 10 years building his design expertise across 3 different continents. He is a master of possibility, keeping all creative doors open in order to craft the most impactful solutions on behalf of the user.

Bukwild for Locksmith

Locksmith is in need of a site update...not just from a design and functionality place, but almost as critically, from a content place. After reviewing the requirements and considering the main points discussed in the brief (more on those below), we find ourselves exactly staffed and well-practiced for this assignment.

Overall, our understanding and experience with this type of site is very high, and we believe that our tailored program for Discovery will fill in the gaps in the brand, its goals, and the best way to achieve our stated performance indicators.

Identified Needs + Requirements

These items showed up in our initial discussion(s) and/or came to mind as things to watch out and/or plan for in the coming project.

Identified Needs + Requirements

Strategic Audit and Consolidation of Content

Careers + Current Events

Best Practice Tech Stack

Quick and Easy Updates + Page Creation

New and Improved Page Layouts

These items showed up in our initial discussion(s) and/or came to mind as things to watch out and/or plan for in the coming project.

Project Approach

Our approach to a project like this one will always start with our robust Discovery program. In this, we run project stakeholders on the client side through a handful of workshops (Brand, Loyalty/UX, Technical, and Priorities) in order to set the rest of the project up for success. The priorities workshop, in particular, is intended to catch any and all viable ideas that come up in our discussions, and organize them to fit into our predetermined schedule and budget.

After Discovery, things speed up and we move into UX and Design concepting. It's here that the client team will be presented with options for how the site will look and feel, along with any other user-facing interactions or features we agreed upon in Discovery.

From there, we begin development setup while production design is being completed. During our technical Discovery, we'll establish a shared understanding for everything the site needs to do at launch (and beyond), and make a recommendation for the various technologies required for the stack.

Headless Website

Infinitely optimizable; Headroom for product/portal roadmap integration

Robust Discovery

Strategic workshops for brand, users/loyalty, technical, and project priorities.

Content Strategy + Copywriting

Audit, consolidation, and creation of content to better fit the new site's point of view

Custom Craft CMS Setup

Includes training and partnership on content entry

Atomic Design System

~10-12 unique components (used to assemble hundreds of unique page layouts)

Best Practice, Responsive, Accessible

Special care for mobile touchpoints and high performance with users

Budget + Breakdown


Target Timeline


We traffic and schedule projects once we have an executed SOW and a project manager has been assigned. Our target for you would be to have a kickoff w/ Discovery scheduled within two weeks of receiving that signature.

30-Day Support Window

Upon launch or final handoff, Bukwild keep the project team activated for 30 days to assist with bugfixes, minor changes, training, and other required support.

Ongoing Support

This project is a perfect introduction to how it feels to work with Bukwild in an ongoing support subscription. We meet with our client teams quarterly to plan and organize the tasks to be done on the website, and allow time in each week's sprint for support tasks, bugs, and other short-notice items. Our support plans start at $8k per month.

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