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User-first digital commerce for the modern brand.

Bukwild is an independent design and technology studio helping DTC brands reach consumers and thrive in the digital economy.


User First. Always.

Long-Term Value

We identify the role of your website within your digital ecosystem, and prioritize the needs of your consumers. A user-centric experience is a requirement to keep users coming back.

Frictionless Conversion

We optimize user journeys to help your consumer understand which of your products is right for them, and make it as easy as possible to get it, as often as they need it.


Right-Fit Technology Suite

We put our years of experience to work assembling a stack that maximizes your team's efficiency and makes the most of micro-moments like marketing, payments, post purchase, customer support, and logistics.

Working in Cycles

Bukwild offers subscription programs defined by cycles.

We help define the roadmap and allocate the required disciplines to accomplish the desired outcome with predictability, visibility, and expertise.

Two ways to work with us.


On-demand expertise working in quarterly cycles to quickly meet the needs of your team, and scale as your demands and initiatives evolve over time.


UX and performance improvements to your existing site.

Extend & Innovate

Iterate and optimize your digital presence for scalability and growth.

Care & Support

Bug fixes, instrumentation, and platform support.


UX, design, and development for digital projects, from custom Shopify storefronts to product launches and landing pages.

Digital Transformation

Strategy, technology & design for DTC experience and technical platforming


Unique destinations for campaigns, product launches, and activations.


Apps, extensions, and systems integrations.

User first, outcome focused, and with you every step of the way.

Bukwild for Resolve Medical Bills

Our conversation with Lauren was brief and very clear: Resolve is currently finishing up a rebrand (conducted with Red Antler) and now looking to recreate the website under that new umbrella.

At the outset, Webflow was mentioned as a possible development requirement. We've put together this proposal to show some of the benefits of Webflow (faster, easier, more designer friendly, etc.) compared to some of the benefits of constructing the site with a different CMS, via Headless setup.

Overall, our understanding and experience with this type of site is very high, and we believe that our tailored program for Discovery will fill in the gaps on the brand, its goals, and performance indicators.

Identified Needs + Requirements

These items showed up in our initial discussion(s) and/or came to mind as things to watch out and/or plan for in the coming project.

Identified Needs + Requirements

Implement New Brand

Insights/Blog Section

Pipedrive Integration

Lead-Gen/Growth Tactics

ADA Accessibility Improvements

Product Roadmap Integrations

Multiple Languages/Translations

These items showed up in our initial discussion(s) and/or came to mind as things to watch out and/or plan for in the coming project.

Project Approach + Options

Our approach to a project like this one will always start with our robust Discovery program. In this, we run project stakeholders on the Resolve side through a handful of workshops (Brand, Loyalty/UX, Technical, and Priorities) in order to set the rest of the project up for success. The priorities workshop, in particular, is intended to catch any and all viable ideas that come up in our discussions, and organize them to fit into our predetermined schedule and budget.

After Discovery, things speed up and we move into UX and Design concepting. It's here that Resolve will be presented with opotions for how the site will look and feel, along with any other user-facing interactions or features we agreed upon in Discovery.

From there, we begin development setup while production design is being completed. During our technical Discovery (or potentially even before that, at contracting), we'll establish a shared understanding for everything the site needs to do at launch (and beyond), and make a recommendation for using Webflow or constructing a Headless site.

Option 1: Webflow

Faster Project; Fewer opportunities for deep integration

Custom Webflow CMS Setup

Includes training and partnership on content entry

Custom Page Templates

~10-12 unique page templates

Pipedrive Integration

Existing integration with Questionnaire endpoint

Option 2: Headless

Larger initial investment; More headroom for product roadmap integration

Custom Craft CMS Setup

Includes training and partnership on content entry

Atomic Design System

~10-12 unique components (used to assemble hundreds of unique page layouts)

Lead Gen Integration(s)

Article/download gating w/ 3rd party martech

Headroom for Roadmap

Increased opportunity for continued construction

Multiple Languages

Optional support for making pages multilingual (language translation not included)

Option 1: $85k

10-12 Weeks

Option 2: $125k

16-20 Weeks


We traffic and schedule projects once we have an executed SOW and a project manager has been assigned. Our target for you would be to have a kickoff w/ Discovery scheduled within two weeks of receiving that signature.

30-Day Support Window

Upon launch or final handoff, Bukwild keep the project team activated for 30 days to assist with bugfixes, minor changes, training, and other required support.

Ongoing Support

This project is a perfect introduction to how it feels to work with Bukwild in an ongoing support subscription. We meet with our client teams quarterly to plan and organize the tasks to be done on the website, and allow time in each week's sprint for support tasks, bugs, and other short-notice items. Our support plans start at $8k per month.

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