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Technical SEO

Most e-commerce stores rely heavily on organic and paid search traffic. Technical SEO is a critical facet to any search engine optimization strategy.

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Technical SEO lays the foundation for optimization success.

Technical SEO ensures that a website meets the technical requirements for a modern search engine to crawl, render, and index all of its pages. It’s included in every project we embark on, ensuring that code formatting is optimized for search; there are appropriate CMS fields for page titles, meta descriptions, etc; and the front-end design and copy formatting follow established best practices for crawling.

Why does technical SEO matter?

It gives your audience the best chance to make it to your storefront.

Structuring a site correctly ensures the site has the best foundation for organic search result ranking, and can reduce the cost-per-click for paid search campaigns – both of which are key elements of acquiring user traffic. Conversely, a site that is set up incorrectly can have detrimental effects on the volume of site traffic, which reduces the audience size and chances for the site to do its job.

When replatforming or optimizing an existing site, it's common that we find issues where legacy content either hasn't been maintained, or has been improperly depreciated. By fixing these issues, we see improvements by measuring the reduction of issues in Google Search Console, and by ensuring that content is migrated properly during a replatform, we avoid any long-term impacts to domain authority or page ranking.

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Our Approach

Optimizing at Every Opportunity

Bukwild uses a collaborative approach to ensure that the codebase and CMS are optimized for search engines. When we partner with a client, we work together to make sure that their admins and publishing workflows are set up to post content to meet best practices.

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