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Website Localization

Create different versions of your website for your customers in different parts of the world.

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Localization adapts a website’s content to the unique needs of local users.

Website localization is the process of adapting a website's content to the needs of a country or other geographic region. A common example is a brand who operates in multiple countries, and needs a website design that switches languages, images, products, and currency depending on the user's location.

Why does localization matter?

Create a consistent experience while expanding to new markets.


Consistent branding and customer experience.

A localized website allows for a consistent brand experience for all users, no matter where they are in the world, while only showing content that is relevant to them.

More efficient site management and updates.

Modern content management systems allow for each localized version of a site to be managed on the back end from the same interface, which creates tremendous efficiencies in administration effort. By pushing global changes, certain updates can be made all at once, instead of managing a bunch of separate sites.

Expand to new markets.

While shipping products internationally introduces new challenges, setting up a storefront in different regions, with currency conversion, is a relatively easy task. This creates a way for brands to test new markets, or quickly ramp up digital support in emerging territories.

Have a localization challenge?

Our Approach
20+ Years of Experience

We’re used to complex architecture.

We've built and maintained many localized sites and are highly experienced with common nuances and challenges. We've built sites that work for the complexities of the cannabis industry, and created both DTC experiences and sites that drive to hyper-localized brick-and-mortar retail.

We use technology to our advantage.

Our preferred CMS has native features that can manage multiple sites across multiple domains, all from the same system.

Considered design for different languages and cultures.

Our design team has experience and understanding of the ways that different languages can require different line lengths and visual spacing to avoid "breaking" the site design in different countries.

Let’s see what we can make together.
It’ll be pretty awesome.