Clif Bar Sustained Energy

CLIF Bars are the ultimate energy bar for sport nutrition.

As competitors flooded the snack bar conversation with diet fads and sugar shaming, CLIF chose to stay true to their athlete-first audience.

Our role as their digital partner was to bring the Sustained Energy campaign to life and bridge the gap between the new creative concept and CLIF’s existing site ecosystem.

This is not a snack bar.

After seven years of partnering with this leading brand, we knew that CLIF Bars are specifically made to fuel athletic activity. But this message wasn’t making its way to confused consumers who were hungry for clarity.

To address our audience’s craving for brand transparency, we worked closely with CLIF’s creative, nutrition, and legal teams to explain exactly what’s inside a bar, and how it helps athletes achieve peak performance.

From day one, CLIF Bars were made to fuel the world’s best athletes.

We helped them assert their authority on the topic by focusing on the facts: their performance foods are developed by sport nutritionists, and esteemed by elite competitors around the world.

CLIF’s diverse roster of sponsored athletes demonstrates the broader appeal of their products beyond just “traditional” outdoor sports.

Our strategic decision to directly link CLIF’s commodities and athletes not only gave the campaign credibility, it also opened up a wealth of opportunities to merchandise more products throughout the entire site ecosystem.

We built on the success of previous campaigns by creating a series of strategic social assets that extend the message beyond the website and give athletes an engaging way to encourage and support one another.

When a client has such a great product and such an inspiring roster of athletes; it energizes our team to keep raising the bar. This campaign is a testament to our passion for creating experiences that educate and inspire athletes around the world.
— Donald Fierros
Ethan Martin
Strategy Director

Strategy Lead

I have an annoying habit of constantly asking why the world needs… all this stuff. While the CLIF Bar has evolved over the past 25+ years, it was created with a purpose, and this campaign was a great opportunity to remind the world of the intention behind the product.

Creative Lead

Much like the bars themselves, this project had the right recipe for sustained success: a strong creative concept, a compelling consumer message, and a seamless collaborative process that is a testament to our understanding of this audience and the strength of our partnership with this outstanding brand.
Michael Starks
Senior Developer

Technical Lead

The digital team at CLIF is full of passionate people who fight for the absolute best for the brand and the customer. With the trust we've developed over the years, we pushed them, they pulled us, and together we continue to build an experience that brings their digital presence to the next level.


Messaging, voice and tone
Web Development
Web Design
Art Direction

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