Crushing expectations with every bottle.

Dark Horse laid down the gauntlet, asking us to create a brand that bucked tradition, and couldn’t possibly be confused with any other wine.

We answered with a bold and deliberate creative shift, producing content that provoked and engaged our audience. Most importantly, it welcomed newcomers to what has historically been a high-brow clique.

A young wine brand with low awareness can’t afford to be unremarkable. So, we created a character and aesthetic that came in hot and continued to surprise.

"I like to think of our work for Dark Horse as a perfect example of what’s possible when clients trust their strategic and creative partners to go against the category norms to truly stand out."

Strategy Lead

It’s no secret that at Bukwild, we have an undercurrent of “Underdog” running through our veins. When the team at Dark Horse gave us permission to lean into that ethos, we ran with it. It resulted in some of the most category redefining and creatively courageous content we’ve ever produced.

Creative Lead

To be able to execute quickly, and keep the brand persona consistent wherever you came across it, I started with picking a strong spirit animal to guide the creative. Landing on Clint Eastwood made “on-brand” and “off-brand” so instantly clear. It helped fast-track the decision-making all around. Would that guy say, “totes!” or use heart-eye emojis? Absolutely not.
Michael Starks
Senior Developer

Technical Lead

Dark Horse was a true mashup of design and development. Much of the time was spent working together in development to make the site feel good and work well. Lots of discoveries were made in our process towards design and development working closer together.


Brand Positioning
Brand Identity
UX + Visual Design
Digital Product Development
Technical Consultation
Brand Strategy
Campaign Development
Front & Back End Development
Strategic Consultation
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