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We were invited to help put a new spin on history and make more updateable, more accessible, and more experiential than it ever had been in the past.

King Arthur’s approach to customer satisfaction was a direct inspiration for how we structured each page. We focused on loyalty, usability, and overall delight in order to keep the focus on all the wonderful things that their flour and their team make possible.

Ethan Martin
Strategy Director

Strategy Lead

“Working closely with startups, we see just how difficult and rare it is to build a brand (much less a business) that stands the test of time. King Arthur has made it look easy. While steeped in over 225 years of baking tradition, they are simultaneously and confidently embracing the innovation, opportunity and promise of digital. They’ve managed to turn a commodity into the most beloved and critical starting point for any baker. Their knowledge and experience is so superior, and yet they make even the most novice baker feel welcome. It’s humbling to work with that team.”
Nick Barry
Design Director

Creative Lead

"It’s not every day you get to work on a website for a company established in 1790, but is a much-loved resource for a massive audience or fanbase! Seeing our combined vision come to life in a fresh, new, and exciting way was almost as much a pleasure as working with the wonderful King Arthur team itself. "
Justin Jewett
Director of Business Planning

Executive Lead

"The thing that stands out most (to me) about our time working with King Arthur is really just how special and unique and RARE it is to work with a juggernaut, industry-dominating company that is also an employee-owned B-Corp. It seems and sounds so crazy to put it like that, but it's exactly who they are, and their dedication to values, craft, and overall customer satisfaction is a real inspiration for me and my team. Not *quite* at the level of asking 'What Would King Arthur Do?" but, well, close."


ADA Compliance Auditing
Visual Design

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