Papa & Barkley

Partners Since 2021
Help Papa & Barkley deliver a best-in-class, modern DTC experience to the heavily regulated cannabis space, with a headless CMS; integration with third-party fulfillment partners; localized, multi-brand websites; subscriptions and customer loyalty programs.

Papa & Barkley is on a mission to unlock the power of cannabis to change people’s lives, and become the trusted source of relief for everyday, mainstream consumers. To support this, Bukwild built a website that positions Papa & Barkley as a trustworthy source of clean cannabis, and delivers a modern DTC experience that reduces friction for both users and admins, and is ready to adapt to a rapidly changing regulatory environment.

Focus: Bring THC and CBD into the same house.
When Papa & Barkley first came to Bukwild, they were maintaining completely separate websites for their THC and CBD product lines. This was confusing for users and a headache for Papa & Barkley’s internal team. Our first priority was moving them to a single, headless CMS which allowed them to power multiple sites and take advantage of Shopify’s e-commerce platform, while still adhering to policy regulations.

Papa & Barkley’s new digital ecosystem has a localized site for their THC product line which allows California users to order delivery via third-party fulfillment partners. Consumers outside of California can order CBD products via an online store that leverages Shopify’s Account and Checkout. All of this is serviced by a single CMS that allows for a unified front-end experience and brand storytelling that helps build trust with consumers.

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