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The market leader is our preferred platform for e-commerce clients, giving us the ability to create world-class storefronts, regardless of the size of the company.

Partner 16x9 b Shopify

What does it do?

Shopify is a complete commerce system ideal for most businesses at any stage of their journey.

Shopify’s shining value is in its dynamic support and empowerment of the entire e-commerce community, whether it be an entrepreneur, merchant, developer, or partner.

Why Shopify?
Better e-commerce for you and your users.

All-inclusive e-commerce platform

Scales with a business from launch to enterprise

Supports the entire community of e-commerce entrepreneurs

What can Shopify do for you?
Or really, what can’t it do?

For small businesses or launching products, it is the fastest way to get a minimum viable product out into the world.


The community of app and theme developers makes this superpower possible.


It allows for scalability for businesses that are experiencing growth and enterprise-level businesses.


It’s all-inclusive where companies want it to be, and because of its extensive API functionality, can be added on where they need it to be.

CLIF Bar & Company
Building, maintaining, and optimizing the digital experience for the ultimate energy bar.

CLIF Bar & Company is continuing to strive for growth and innovation – committing to proving that the best business model entails a successful business, healthy people, and a thriving planet.

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