Brand building isn’t always a “from the ground up” endeavor. Openpath was ready to unlock a more dimensional personality in their brand, and we were more than happy to help.

The primary purpose of the new site was to serve as a brand validator for curious potential customers, so our development team made sure that the site introduction was bold, interactive and impossible to ignore.

The brand had a lot of SEO equity within the landscape, but because they were now rewriting the rules for the category itself, we had to walk the line between recognizable terms and ownable accomplishments.

Access Control” was the way in, but Openpath was delivering on something much more complete: a system of record for the built environment. We created a visual and messaging vernacular to support this new species of product.

We found a lot of tension and inspiration within the idea of a product that was built to be both effortlessly open and totally secure at the same time. Signals of movement, flow, connection, and control were built directly into the design system.

For a people-focused solution, there really was no other way to prove out the promise of Openpath than to show it in use. Video and photography assets were carefully choreographed to demonstrate the seamless, fluid nature of the system at work while communicating to the audience what was actually at play.

Openpath is a brand for a world in motion. Our visual elements were inspired by the logo and helped tell the story of the huge advantages behind this quiet little reader.

We aimed to create a visual representation of flow that worked as a static marker as well as in motion — something we could use to visually articulate the brand promise

After helping to craft their brand identity, story, and website experience for launch in 2018, We were thrilled when Openpath came to us to partner again in 2019 to help their now maturing brand evolve to meet the demands of growth. The key challenge was to add additional depth and dimension to the brand expression, evolve the position from a product focused company primarily telling stories about hardware, to a solution focused company showcasing the world of possibilities their software enables.
Erin Campos
Director of Project Management

Management Lead

Having the opportunity to augment the Openpath brand in this second go-around was a particularly unique project in that we got to build upon the work our studio had previously executed when we launched Openpath into the world in 2018. From then up until now, Openpath has deeply expanded their service offerings and needed to communicate this to their audiences. We met that challenge by added depth and dimension to the brand and producing a beautiful hero video communicating all that Openpath has to offer.

Creative Lead

The team at Openpath came to the table with a big vision for how people could move through the built world. Their product experience was completely seamless and fluid, and we wanted to evolve the design to feel the same way. It started with updating the brand identity to incorporate moving elements and went on to extend the system to visually support any and all expressions of the brand. The result is a design universe that mirrors the power and possibilities of the Openpath software itself.
Ethan Martin
Strategy Director

Strategy Lead

This brand had so much momentum behind them when we got to jump back into their world. Helping them build out the rules of visual and verbal communication meant respecting and understanding all of the advanced thinking behind the product, and making sure the practical value of that thinking could ultimately be understood by the decision-makers they needed to convince.


Brand Positioning
Identity Refinement
Voice & Tone
Design System
Art Direction
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